Used as a last resort? Cannabis Saves Mans Life

Please read the story below my comments… A quote from the full story on Green Flower Media resonates with me, and it’s NOT hard to believe.  This is just one of thousands of real life stories about cannabis saving cancer patients lives.  Cancer and epilepsy are two diagnoses that cannabis has helped many people around[…]

NORML gives MILEGALIZE 2016 the Michigan Legalization effort the GREEN light!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is pleased to announce our endorsement of the MI Legalize 2016 initiative to regulate the adult use, production and retail sale of marijuana in Michigan. Recent polling in March shows the support up to 53% from 50% in 2015.  MILEGALIZE has worked hard and it[…]

The Smallest State: Biggest Legalization Hearing Today!

Regulate Rhode Island will be heard today at the news conference.  This will take place at 1 p.m. ET in the House Lounge of the Statehouse. The committee hearing is scheduled to take place in Room 101 at the rise of the House. H 7752, known as the Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act, would make[…]

Cops involved in Santa Anna Dispensary Raid should be…

There are words that can explain how I feel about this incident but I will keep them to myself.  I hope everyone has seen the video (can be seen here or below) of these ill-behaved, detrimental, and down right dangerous to the public “police officers”.  I have followed this story since its inception and it makes[…]

Ohio Marijuana Campaign’s Voter Registrations Are Being Questioned

My neighbors to the south in Ohio have a sketchy situation going on.  I can’t tell you what to do, but any progress in this so called war on drugs and personal freedom is progress.  Yes, this new law will translate into the rich getting richer, but it also gives responsible adults the right to[…]

Please Stop Raiding Legal Medical Marijuana States!!!

As a citizen of the USA if I don’t follow the law, I go to jail.  Why isn’t it the same for the Federal Government?  Federal Employees and more specifically the DEA raiding States who have passed legislation that allows its citizens to posses and grow an acceptable amount of medical marijuana is against the[…]

Dispensary: Grand Re Re Re… Opening!

Co-founders Jamie Lowell, Darrell Stavros and Melissa Skuta have redesigned their facility and are re-branding the medical marijuana distribution center in Southern Michigan.  They have fought the good fight for years and finally have the green light from the State to open the doors again. If you are in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 6th, please stop[…]

Flint: Will the city see lower crime because… (Michigan)

The city of Flint, Michigan has traversed a long bumpy road, and at times never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.   But today, May 21st, 2015 there are 3 Businesses that were issued certifications to legally operate medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Flint. There have been some pretty impressing[…]