Used as a last resort? Cannabis Saves Mans Life

Please read the story below my comments… A quote from the full story on Green Flower Media resonates with me, and it’s NOT hard to believe.  This is just one of thousands of real life stories about cannabis saving cancer patients lives.  Cancer and epilepsy are two diagnoses that cannabis has helped many people around[…]

Mute Autistic Child speaks for the first time in 9 years…

I am going to copy-write what the good people over at theweedblog have written on this story.  What happened to this little boy is absolutely amazing and he deserves only the best. Thanks to a rare form of cancer resulting in “severe, non-verbal autism”, Kalel Santiago lived the first nine years of his life without uttering[…]

Arbitrary and Problematic at its highest level

Zero Tolerance for THC in your blood while driving is both ignorant and ridiculous.  I am not advocating for anyone to go out and burn a fatty while driving, but in States that have a Legal Medical Marijuana Program it is illegal to get behind the wheel and can land you in the slammer. For[…]

PTSD added to the list (Michigan)

Michigan law makers are weary of adding PTSD as a qualifying condition to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.  Any condition that can be improved by using a harmless substance should not have people weary of any qualifying condition.  The list of qualifying conditions grows to only the following conditions…. AIDS and related illnesses Muscular Dystrophy[…]

Patients need high-quality medicine

Ask Jan This article is what Great Lakes Lab Services is all about.  If I was asked if there is one article I want everyone to read and I could only pick one, Jan’s knowledge on Testing and Certifying Marijuana for the Medical  Community is the one.    It is a no brain’r that the[…]