New Agreement brings Cannabis Science (CBIS) to Michigan

“Obama cited the new law as a victory for the economy and a hopeful sign that the bipartisan legislation could “break the cycle of short-sighted, crisis-driven, partisan decision-making.” Cannabis Science (CBIS)  Signs Partnership Agreement with Michigan Green technologies, LLC to focus on Reform and Proper Implementation of Cannabis and Commercial Help Programs for the State[…]

Arbitrary and Problematic at its highest level

Zero Tolerance for THC in your blood while driving is both ignorant and ridiculous.  I am not advocating for anyone to go out and burn a fatty while driving, but in States that have a Legal Medical Marijuana Program it is illegal to get behind the wheel and can land you in the slammer. For[…]

PTSD added to the list (Michigan)

Michigan law makers are weary of adding PTSD as a qualifying condition to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.  Any condition that can be improved by using a harmless substance should not have people weary of any qualifying condition.  The list of qualifying conditions grows to only the following conditions…. AIDS and related illnesses Muscular Dystrophy[…]

Moms for Marijuana International

Who ever is behind the Moms for Marijuana: I love Moms. Unfortunately I don’t have my Mom around anymore.  I lost her 4 years ago to AML Leukemia.  She was diagnosed in October and passed away in March of the following year.  Cannabis was around for her but it still carried a horrible reputation.  But[…]

Patients need high-quality medicine

Ask Jan This article is what Great Lakes Lab Services is all about.  If I was asked if there is one article I want everyone to read and I could only pick one, Jan’s knowledge on Testing and Certifying Marijuana for the Medical  Community is the one.    It is a no brain’r that the[…]

The Provisioning Centers Act, and HB 5104, The Concentrates Bill (Michigan)

The Weed Blog  #theweedblog is what all blogs should aspire to be one day.  They put up so much good Information, I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t learn something from them.  I know everyone who follows me doesn’t follow The Weed Blog so I am here to keep everyone updated on[…]