Eric Holder Reigns in one of his own….

I personally think she (Michele Leonhart) should have been fired for deliberately disobeying her boss.  Ohh who is her boss you might ask, the President of the United States.  President Obama has said on multiple occasions that the DEA will stay out of the States way when it comes to Medical Marijuana and most recently[…]

State Government collects Millions, Crime rate decreases. (Colorado)

Thanks again to @theweedblog for being one of the first to post about one of the most debated topics.  Crime rates were expected (by local governments) to rise with the legalization of recreational Marijuana.  That does not seem to be the case according to the Huffington Post. Full article here.

Changing of the Guard: (Michigan)

My childhood stomping ground and now home to me as an adult; the great State of Michigan seems to have a disconnect between it’s elected officials and it’s people.  @theweedblog has compiled a “report card” if you will on how our Representatives voted on Medical Marijuana Bills on the Federal Level. 5 C’s, 2 D’s[…]