Cops involved in Santa Anna Dispensary Raid should be…

There are words that can explain how I feel about this incident but I will keep them to myself.  I hope everyone has seen the video (can be seen here or below) of these ill-behaved, detrimental, and down right dangerous to the public “police officers”.  I have followed this story since its inception and it makes me sick to even think about how these people who are suppose to protect and serve acted that day.

“Three officers are facing charges stemming from a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California last year. The raid was conducted at the Sky High Holistic medical marijuana dispensary, and involved alleged police misconduct. I say alleged, because the officers haven’t been found guilty for what they did, but video footage from the raid speaks for itself. The officers are clearly eating edibles at the dispensary during the raid, unnecessarily damaging property at the dispensary, and even going as far as threatening a disable amputee.  Per the weed blog

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