Used as a last resort? Cannabis Saves Mans Life

Please read the story below my comments…

A quote from the full story on Green Flower Media resonates with me, and it’s NOT hard to believe.  This is just one of thousands of real life stories about cannabis saving cancer patients lives.  Cancer and epilepsy are two diagnoses that cannabis has helped many people around the world.  When people read an article like this for the first time, it may seem to them that a miracle has taken place.  However, when this is the 100+ article you have read about cannabis curing/saving the lives of very sick people, it is not hard to believe.  What is hard to believe is the fact that Cannabis still sits at the top of the controlled substances here in the USA.  A controlled substance “schedule 1” means it is the most dangerous, high probability for abuse, and it hinders the research and medical development of the cannabis plant to help people who need help.

“Until you see it, it’s really hard to believe,” Molly said in an interview between her and Randy and Green Flower Media. “It just blows my mind.”

Does cannabis treat cancer? It saved this man’s life.

I had to add this second video on 4-14-2016

CBD Saving Lives Caleb’s Story


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