Consultations and Education

Contact Great Lakes Laboratories for a free Consultation about Medical Marijuana and why it’s necessary to have options when dealing with your health, body and mind.

We are working with many of Michigan’s best Hydroponic and Grow Stores, Dispensaries, and Local Municipalities to make this historical movement.  Great Lakes Laboratories Mission is to educate the public on the importance of Cannabis and why it is a better alternative or used in conjunction with other medications.   Whether you are for or against Medical Marijuana we at Great Lakes Labs want you to be educated on how and what cannabis is, and how it is being used to help so many of us around the country.

We can’t move forward without testing laboratories like ours.  Please follow us and I guarantee with your help we will make a difference.


One thought on “Consultations and Education

  • Hi, I’m a MMMA certified patient growing my own meds and soon to be branching out as a caregiver for others. Interested in getting my meds tested and would like to know what you offer and what the fees are. I’m located in Ottawa County and would need to know your location. Thank you.

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