Why is Great Lakes Lab Services the best choice for your buds?  We have an experienced team of Technicians who have decades of combined Medical Marijuana experience.  I personally have had the opportunity to work in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Aerospace Industries including an assignment at NASA working in Clean Rooms.  My Clean Room experience is lateral experience that I want to bring to the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis Industry.

Services we offer at our Northern Michigan Location.

THC and CBD %


Total Chemical Profile: Including 18 Terpenes

Please Contact Great Lakes Lab Services for a free Consultation with one of our trained Technicians.

The need for Cannabis testing is very real and extremely important.

Great Lakes Lab Services is looking for a partner in the industry to help with filling some voids we currently have.  We are unable to do some important tests because of limited capital for the correct equipment.

If you want to help Great Lakes Lab Services please look us up at

We will be setting up a Deal on CrowdFunder in the near future but we can use all the help we can get right now.  We are pushing forward as fast as we can at the moment.

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